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Nato a San Giovanni Rotondo Leggi

  • Marche Polytechnic University
  • Graduated in Engineering
  • Resident in Carpino
  • Passions: Beer.

Give a man a beer and he will lose an hour. Teach him to do it himself and he will lose a whole life

La storia dal 2018

WANT IT IS POWER. Just believe it and everything comes! LOVE for a product leads you to discover it and reinvent it. Everything comes from the passion for this much loved and equally complex drink. Just its fascinating complexity has led to the interest and curiosity to discover it to the end and build some based on personal inspiration.

For many years, craft beer has been born in the cellar of my house. From today I wanted to make this hobby a profession for a personal fulfillment and above all because LEI could not remain anonymous but disclosed and distributed to the palates of the crowds.

The arduous sentence to you!

Il birrificio del Gargano

The Gargano with two hundred kilometers of coastline, pine forests, inlets, cliffs, dunes, caves, and the famous faraglioni, located in some parts of the coast, takes on a primitive and uncontaminated appearance. In this context there is CARPINO, in the northern part of the Gargano, with a territory that extends between the Umbra Forest, to the south and the Varano lake to the north. The hilly territory, with prevalent vegetation, is typical of the area crops and pastures. The area behind the lagoon and the hilly areas surrounding the city center are characterized from the prevalence of olive groves This is where my typical "BEERMAC" company is located. In the 12 hl cooking area the folk, the tammorra, the castanets, the biricchina, the knocker are born. Beers linked to the territory and its traditions.

since 2018

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